Baby Massage

Baby Massage is a fun, easy & safe way to spend quality time with your little one.rye reflexology and massage baby massage

It has many benefits which work on both physical & emotional levels.
Physical benefits include:

Improved digestion – can help relieve colic & constipation
Relieving nasal congestion
Releases any tension
Regularised sleeping patterns
Reduction of excessive crying
Strengthened immune system
Muscular co-ordination
Joint flexibility
Strengthened back
Maximised breathing potential
General relaxation
Increased circulation
Emotional benefits include:

Calming & comforting, increasing emotional security
Builds baby’s confidence & trust, enhancing bonding with parent
Soothes restlessness & irritability
Helps relieve anxiety
Helps baby communicate, thereby building social skills
You will be taught a comprehensive massage sequence covering the whole body.

By the end of the one-on-one session, which usually lasts 1 ½ hours, you will:

Be happy with the idea of massaging your baby;
Be able to carry out a simple 5 minute massage routine on your baby with confidence;
Understand the benefits of each massage movement; &
Know when massage is not advisable.

“I booked Sophie to teach me how to massage my 4 month old twin baby girls. Sophie was an amazing teacher & it was apparent that the girls thoroughly enjoyed it. They are now two years old & still love their Baby Massage, which has become part of their bedtime routine.” Dr Neven Znaor-Wassall, Dad of two